Try Before You Buy With Bandsintown’s Music-Packed Spotify App

Posted January 31

If you live in a bustling urban center — or what is commonly known as a “city” — you’re likely to be privy to any array of live shows every night. The utter barrage of choices can be wholly overwhelming, causing the average music lover to pick a concert at random, more often than not ending up in a crowded, sweat- and beer-stained room watching a parade of tone deaf openers (read: someone’s cousin) rape the collective eardrums of the assemblage. Now, dear music fans, you can avoid said ear-raping, thanks to a new Spotify app courtesy fo Bandsintown.

Yup, the live music-planning app (also on iOS, Android and the Web) has hit Spotify’s app platform, allowing you to try before you buy — concert tickets, that is. After logging in to the app — via Facebook, so as to pull in more personal info on your favorite bands — you will be presented with a list of bands playing in your area that week. Bands listed include those culled from your Facebook Likes, Spotify listening history and a list of suggested acts similar to those you already dig.

Since the app lives within Spotify, you’ll be able to preview the lineup of each show by clicking on the band in question and pulling up all the music they have available on the music subscription service. (Sadly, however, opening bands are not included in the listings, so you’re really taking your ears into your own hands there.) You can also create a playlist from all bands playing in your city that week, which we could see being a pretty handy feature for frequent showgoers: Like all the acts you saw during a given week but can’t remember the exact band names? Just create a grabbag playlist and discover them all over again, perhaps finding bands you missed in the mix.

Once you find a show that you’re down to see, you can RSVP directly within the app to the Facebook event and even purchase tickets. You can also track artists in order to get updates about upcoming shows and search for future concert dates by bands not listed.

Bandsintown is not the only concert-planning app in the Spotify ecosystem; it joins Songkick, which similarly scans music and Facebook Likes to create custom calendars.

What apps and services do you prefer when plotting out your show-going schedule?

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