Yeasayer On: The Coachella Cruise & Their Top Innovations Of 2012

Posted January 2

While our intrepid readers were sleeping in and stuffing their guts, the OMA crew took to the high seas on the SS Coachella this holiday season to check out one of this year’s most innovative music festivals. In the midst of finding our sea legs — and fighting for a prime hot-tubbing spot — we spoke with a cadre of bands about their top innovations of 2012 as well as what it’s like to play tunes while catching waves. First up, we caught up with Yeasayer, who seemed to be suffering from a case of cabin fever.

For those of you who opted to remain on dry land this Christmas, the SS Coachella festival took place on an extremely fancy cruise ship over the course of two legs: one that traveled to the Bahamas, another to Jamaica. The event featured performances from bands like Yeasayer, Pulp, Girl Talk and more, as well as off-kilter events like Bingo with Grimes and a Gilligan’s Island-themed pub crawl with the Black Lips. In short, it was a weird, weird, weird event whose success we’re still waiting to gauge (facts and figures forthcoming).

After we heard that Yeasayer was on the boat, we knew that we had to hit them up. The band released their third album, Fragrant World, this summer, complete with an interactive online scavenger hunt and an entirely innovative live show stage set. Off-the-wall band, off-the-wall fest? Yeasayer was sure to have some opinions on the aquatic goings-on.

When we sat down with Yeasayer they were already well into the second leg of the trip, preparing to take the stage at midnight on December 21, which, if you will recall, was supposed to be the Mayan Apocalypse. Luckily, the world did not end that fateful night, otherwise you, dear readers, would not be able to partake of the following interview.

Watch below to find out what the band thought of the whole experience (sample quote from lead singer Chris Keating: “You can’t get away from these people. You’re trapped.”) as well as their thoughts on innovation in 2012.

Note: Anand Wilder showed up a little late for the interview and was thus not able to introduce himself in the beginning.