Add Kickass Drums To Any Track With The Bonhamizer

Posted February 21

Drummers: Ever get freaked out that your band members are plotting to replace you with some canned beats due to your bad attitude/lack of rhythm/propensity for bashing your head against the cymbals when drunk? Well, you best get terrified, as there’s a little hack out there that effectively renders you obsolete: The Bonhamizer.

The Bonhamizer — created by grand czar of music hacks, Paul Lamere — is a little tool that allows you to take any song and rejigger it so that John Bonham of Led Zeppelin is the drummer. Fun.’s “Some Nights”? Much more badass with the addition of Bonham. Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”? Pumped all the way up to 11. Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”? Ten times the trouble, man.

To create the hack, Lamere found a set of 23 drum outtakes from the In Through The Out Door album recording sessions. “Not only do you get the sound of Bonham pounding the crap out of the drums, you can hear him grunting and groaning. Super stuff,” Lamere says in a blog post. From all that content, Lamere mined four drum patterns from which users can choose.

From there, he used the Echo Nest Analyzer and some hack magic (more on that here) to match the Bonham drum parts to any song you upload.

Since The Bonhamizer hit the Web, more than 100,000 songs have been Bonhamized. Will your band’s jam be next?

Image courtesy of Flickr, potzuyoko