Beck + David Bowie + Chris Milk = Music Video Magic

Posted February 19

Beck, David Bowie and Chris Milk — all are often heralded as geniuses in the music realm. Beck for his offbeat jams (and quirky songbook album), Chris Milk for his amazing, immersive interactive music videos and David Bowie for, well, everything that David Bowie does. Well, hold onto your metaphoric hats, kids, because a new video combines the powers of all three innovative gentlemen in one dizzying, 360-degree experience.

Beck covers Bowie’s classic jam “Sound and Vision” with a 157-piece orchestra in a new video directed by Chris Milk (who created Arcade Fire’s “Wilderness Downtown,” among other masterpieces) — an experience that the viewer can take in from all angles (thanks to special new technology that records audio from all sides, as well as 360-degree cameras). The vid is housed on a dedicated page, and after waiting a spell for it to load, users can manipulate a series of controls to rove around the performance space — even using their computer’s camera to control the action via movement.

The whole show is a part of Lincoln Motor Company’s new series, “Hello, Again,” in which the auto company presents new takes on art, music, design and film. Beck kicked off the experiment with the Bowie cover earlier this month, releasing a more linear clip via the Web.