Happy Valentine’s Day, Bands: Sell Merch On Twitter & Instagram For Free

Posted February 14

Here’s a Valentine’s Day treat for all you indie musicians out there holding your bleeding hearts together with tape and glue: social commerce platform Chirpify is currently allowing you to sign up to use its service for free, sans transactions fees.

For those of you not familiar with Chirpify, it’s a commerce platform that launched last April, allowing users to buy and sell merch in-stream on social networks. For example, Green Day used Chirpify during last year’s VMAs to sell their three new albums — Uno!, Dos!, ¡Tré! — via Twitter. Those who wanted to check out the new tunes only had to reply to Green Day’s tweet with “Buy” in order to snag the tunes (after setting up their accounts with Chirpify, that is). According to Chirpify, Green Day was the first major band to use the service, which works on Twitter and Instagram.

Now bands who might not be at the same level of fame as Green Day can take advantage of the service — pro bono. From now until the end of February, independent bands who sign up for Chirpify will pay 0% transaction fees for life. That means that the service will make $0 off of those bands out there who are still scraping together the dollars for their next Cup O’ Noodles. Usually, Chirpify takes 5% (users will still have to pay credit card company and PayPal fees, though).

Artists will score a storefront, the ability to sell merch via Twitter and Instagram and a digital content delivery network (for album downloads, etc).

Once a band visits the offer page, they’ll be asked to send out an automated tweet in order to score the deal (a little promotional on Chirpify’s part, but, hey, it’s free). From there, musicians can set up their accounts and start selling.

Will you follow Green Day’s lead — for free?