Jason Mraz Takes To Twitter To Describe “The Woman I Love”

Posted February 5

How would you describe the woman you love? If you’re Jason Mraz, you let the hive mind that is Twitter help you out with that endeavor. Mraz is out with a new video for his single “The Woman I Love,” and before getting in front of the camera, he took to Twitter to ask his fans to help storyboard the vid.

Directed by Elliott Sellers with graphics by Blend Studios, the video premiered on Monday night via Mraz’s Twitter account, which, fittingly, he used to source ideas for the vid in the first place. Prior to the video’s filming, Mraz launched a content wherein he asked Twitter users to answer the query: “What does ‘The Woman I Love’ mean to you?”

According to a release, he received more than 10,000 responses, and the best were integrated into the storyboard of the video, as well as the video itself via Pop Up Video-esque tweets that careen through each and every scene.

So what exactly happens in the video? Basically, “the woman Mraz loves” — a manic pixie dream girl who lives in a remote mountain cabin of sorts — capers around the frame, writing in her journal and delighting at butterflies and flowers while Mraz strums away at his guitar whilst wearing a very smart-looking Stetson hat. You know, like you do.

The whole whimsical thing then culminates in a scene in which the woman pulls out an old-fashioned polaroid camera and reels off a bunch of pictures, all of which are inscribed along the bottom with the Twitter handles of contributing fans, like @sickboya and @k8e8088.

How… romantic?