Music & Tech Around The Web: Google+ Lets You Sign In, Pandora Rival Goes Mobile-First & More

Posted February 26

Happy Tuesday! What’s that you say? Do we have any links? Why, we’re glad you asked…

* David Bowie, f**k yeah: David Bowie – “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” Video (NSFW)

* How many clicks do your cats get?: VidIQ Raises $800,000 From Mark Cuban And Others To Give YouTube Producers Actionable Analytics

* Yay?: You’ll Be Able to Sign In With Google+ Soon, Too

* The online radio wars rage: Pandora Competitor Senzari Rebrands Its Music Service “Wahwah,” Goes Mobile-First With New Personalized Radio App

* More money, fewer problems?: Music industry revenues increase for the first time in 13 years

* Remember that Power Hour game we wrote up a while back? They won a case in court. Then sang about it: You Can Fight the Man (With a Beer In Your Hand) – Ali Spagnola