Need A Band Name? Comedian Eric André Has Some Suggestions…

Posted February 6

What’s in a band name? Some would say the difference between international fame and an open-mic night slot at your local dive bar. Well, for those in need of that magic moniker, you’re in luck: comedian Eric André — of Adult Swim and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 Fame — is out with a genius little website listing all manner of free-for-the-taking band names.

There’s really no master plan behind André’s site, which features a banner image of the comedian clutching a rose while reclining in a pink robe and what appears to be a red Speedo. According to André, he was inspired to create Eric’s Band Names because: “I was in a bunch of failed bands and I went to a nerdy music college” (a.k.a. Berklee College of Music).

André came up with the names — which include Body Luggage, The Beyonces and Roald “Paul Wall” Dahl — while in the shower, commuting and drunk (hopefully not all at the same time), his favorite being “MC Poop-and-Pee Mixed Together.”

While the site has gained its share of coverage on the blogs, André has no concrete plans to pursue the endeavor further (“I update it on the regular,” he says. “Maybe [I'll] put out a book for future generations… Or not. Reading is dumb.”) and welcomes any band to take a crack at the names. “Throw a dart at your computer screen,” he says with regard to how to choose one.

Check out a sampling of the band name bonanza below:

Adolph Nixon
Hatchet Man For The New World Order Dancers
Roald “Paul Wall” Dahl
Famous Anus
The Ghost of Building 7
Tae Kwon Do Sleep Over
Shart Party
Jesus and the Christs
Sane Asylum
Dork Shadows
Gay Metaphor Baby
Lionel Nitsche
Fake Sinatra
The Mars Volta of Street Walkers
Body Luggage
Salsa Blog
Duke Gaga
Polyamorous Brazilian Atheist
Son Of A Bitch Machine
Wu-Tang Adjacent
High School Shooting Reunion
Rasta Grandpa
Rude Excuse Me
Baby Gang
Anal Furs
Piping Hot Gatorade
Canadian Tuxedo
Doggy Rehab
Astronaut Ketchup
The Everything Brothers
Hypothetical Marriage
100% of the Pie Chart That Is A Wheel of Options
Bigot Sudoku