Nickelback Fans Are More Likely To Be Pro Death Penalty, Says Music App

Posted February 20

Are you a fan of Of Montreal? Well, you’re probably a cheating, drunken, vegetarian who likes redheads — at least according to new website is a new toy from the makers of music-based dating service,, who polled their 100,000 users in order to come up with a product that spits out stereotypes about music fans with ease. Here’s a few examples: Nickelback fans are most likely to agree with the death penalty. (They were also found to be the most libido-dampening band in a previous study by Mark Ronson fans really like being spanked (sexually). Lil Wayne fans are the most prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

The site is a pretty simple affair: Just type a band name into the search bar to pull up stats relevant to that act. Unfortunately, a lot of my favorite bands yielded no results, meaning that their fans are probably most likely to be pretentious music snobs.

For those not familiar, launched in 2010 as a dating site catering to music fans. Most recently, it introduced a Spotify app into the fray, helping lonely hearts find love via their music libraries.

Hit up the site and let us know: How should we go about judging you based on your musical tastes?

Oh, and here’s another fun one for good measure:

Image courtesy of Flickr, Lunchbox LP