Soundrop Helps Score EDM Duo A Swedish Grammi

Posted February 26

Social music listening service Soundrop scored a major win this month during The Grammis Awards (The Swedish equivalent of the Grammys) via Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish House Mafia) and Alesso. The duo scored the Grammi for Year’s Innovator for a single release party they held in one of Soundrop’s artist rooms via its desktop app.

The event, which took place in May, was one the first events of its kind to take place within Soundrop, an app that launched on Spotify’s apps platform in November of 2011. During the party, the duo took requests and chatted with fans, as well as debuted the single “Calling (Lose My Mind).”

“To get a chance to party with fans around the world, regardless of where they are, was amazing – definitely one of the best house parties I’ve been to,” says Alesso.

Soundrop — for those not in the know — is, at its core, a lot like Users can visit and create themed rooms and choose what tunes will play by adding songs to a queue and voting up their favorites. There’s also a chat function, allowing folks to converse about the quality or lack thereof of the jams being spun.

Over the past year or so, Soundrop has built out its offering, launching an iOS app during SXSW 2012 and opening up its SDK (Software Development Kit) to users last November, allowing them to create their own apps. In essence, it’s becoming more and more about the artist, allowing bands to interact directly with fans across a suite of apps and platforms.

Most recently, the app — which streamed more than 500 million tracks to Spotify group listeners in 2012 — took another step toward achieving universal status, allowing anyone and everyone to create and join Soundrop rooms via Facebook. Yup, now any band can replicate the EDM duo’s successful endeavor into online listening parties — all within the world’s largest social network.

How do you join a room? Simply visit a participating band’s page and look for the Soundrop tab. If folks happen to be in the room, actively spinning, you’ll be able to listen to tunes and chat along with them. Rooms have all the functionality of the Spotify and iOS iterations (although music is sourced from YouTube and VEVO instead of Spotify) and folks can listen and chat along whether they’re using Spotify, the app or Facebook.

Any band can also easily integrate rooms into their pages. All you have to do is create a room via the Spotify app, grab the URL and visit this page to plug it in.

Soundrop CEO Inge Andre Sandvik believes that this new functionality could prove a vital tool for artists. “If artists are not engaging their fans on a daily or monthly basis, they will not have a piece of that pie,” Sandvik says, referring to the exposure the Web can breed. “We’re offering them a platform where they can engage with their fans much more directly and empower their fans to experience music together.”

Sandvik adds that the platform will soon be launching a new version wherein events such as the Grammi-winning pair’s release party will be more prominently featured.

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