SoundTracking Adds Full-Length Tracks and Video To Its Apps

Posted February 27

“Instagram for music” Soundtracking is out with an update today that makes it easier for users to dive deeper into the tunes they discover via the location-based service. Now, instead of just listening to previews of tracks that others share, users can listen to tunes in full via services like Spotify, Rdio and YouTube.

A refresher for those not in the know: Soundtracking a music/social app that was founded in 2010 by Steve Jang and its aim, in essence, is to allow people to document their musical experiences in the fullest way possible. What does that mean? Well, folks can share whatever they’re listening to at that particular moment — locating jams via search, music recognition or by tapping into iTunes — and tag that song with a picture and location. Friends can follow each other, as well as like and comment on snaps, and users can share their tagged songs on a variety of social networks.

Before today, when a friend chose to check out your “musical moment,” they were only able to listen to a song sample within the app. Now, thanks to a new feature called the “Smart Play” button — located on the top right-hand corner of a post — users can listen to full-length versions of songs via Spotify and Rdio as well as check out music videos via YouTube. (Note: To use Spotify or Rdio, you must have that app on your device already.)

Although not as drastic as SoundTracking’s last update — which neatened up the UI and introduced features like the ability to tag friends and check out trending tunes in your hood — this update is definitely a boon to music fans. It takes the experience of discovering music outside of the bounds of SoundTracking, allowing fans to engage with the multimedia side of a track (IE, a music video or performance video) as well as save jams for future listening (via Spotify and Rdio).

“This was an important effort for us since we wanted to complete the discovery-playback loop,” says Jang.

SoundTracking also rolled out another small change designed to make music discovery easier: the ability to search your music library for tunes to share in-app. Before, when sharing via your music library, you could only pull up the jam that you were currently listening to. Now, you can search at will.

These updates are now available on iOS, and will roll out to Android later today.