Tanlines Render You A Photo Editor In “Not The Same”

Posted February 14

Let’s face it — there are some music videos out there that look like they were cobbled together in some archaic version of Photoshop (they’re there — deep within the annals of YouTube). Today, Brooklyn band Tanlines is out with such a video — however this time, the aesthetic is intentional (and interactive).

“Not The Same” is a browser-based experience created by Vice’s Creators Project and creative agency OK Focus that allows viewers to manipulate the original video (in which different versions of the band members multiply and rock out) with photo-editing-esque tools. Drop in a background (badlands, Brooklyn Bridge, Valentine’s Day, etc) to take the band to new locales, drag and drop band members so that they’re playing in the sky, and click instrument-shaped icons to mute different parts of the song.

You can check out the original video below:

This isn’t Tanlines’ first interactive music video — their video “Brothers” was nominated for an O Music Award last year.