Three Oft Overlooked Music Marketing Tools That Are Really Useful

Posted February 15

As a record label head, indie artist, and music marketing mad scientist, I’ve come across quite a few different tools for bands and artists to use to market their music, and their usefulness and quality varies pretty widely. The tech startup world is starting to lay eyes on the music industry, and we’ve seen hundreds of new ventures offering potential solutions to musicians pop up in the last year or two. In this post, I’ll give you the three tools that often get overlooked, but I think are pretty darn powerful.

1. The Last.FM Music Manager

If you’re a band or label and aren’t actively managing your presence on Last.FM, you’re missing out on three major benefits- promotion, revenue, and building great fan connections. The Last.FM Music Manager allows artists or labels to manage their band page on Last.FM, upload music (and designate it for 30-second samples only, free streaming, or free download), and see statistics about listeners. You can upload your bio/photos and insert links to places to buy your music to have a complete presence on the website, buy targeted song plays on Last.FM radio for low costs, earn digital performance royalties when your song appears on Last.FM radio, and see all sorts of amazing information about your fans (Who listens most? What track is the most popular? Who else do they think you sound like?).

2. ReverbNation Electronic Press Kits

Sure, these have been around for a while and are definitely well-known, but still sometimes seemed a little clunky. A new redesign has ReverbNation’s EPKs looking sleeker than ever, and it now pulls in statistics from all of the other areas of your ReverbNation profile — live show data, fan demographics, press clippings and comments, and more. In addition, having a ReverbNation EPK is your ticket to hundreds of free-submission opportunities for exposure, live shows, radio airplay and more.

3. Topspin GoDirect

At first, Topspin GoDirect may seem like just another hassle of a band profile to be maintained and created on the web (because we all know there are hundreds of sites to make profiles on), but it has a unique set of features that make it a powerhouse for marketing. It creates a profile for you on Artists.MTV, has direct-to-fan sales capabilities, and can also assist you in securing licensing deals with its publisher information section.

If you don’t have any one of these three tools working for you and promoting your music yet, you should certainly take a look! Each has a unique set of capabilities and benefits that make them all worth having.

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Ryan Lucht runs the music marketing blog Ryan and Riley Lynch take music marketing strategies and methods and put them to the test, offering solid evidence of results. He also runs HEY WTF Records, an indie cassette/digital label that gets used as a test subject for many marketing experiments.

Image courtesy of Christian Reed