Valentine’s Tunes 4 U: Courtesy Of Bad Cop

Posted February 14

That day of rapidly spewing ventricles is here. Whether you’re in love or in despair, listening to copious tunes is called for — STAT. We’ve reached out to a cadre of bands and asked them to score your V’Day — whether you’re anti- or pro-. Check out Bad Cop‘s picks below.

1. Television – “Friction”

“Television is one of my favorite bands of all time, a classic from their record, Marquee Moon.” – Adam

2. The Vibrators – “Into the Future…”

“Awesome punk band from the UK in the late ’70s. This track is a classic example of their unique and creative style.” – Alex

3. At the Drive In – “Pattern Against User”

“One of the only late ’90s/early aughts bands I like. The singer’s stage presence on stage has a big influence on me.” – Adam

4. Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle”

“One of the best rappers out right now hands down. His new album shook the rap/hip-hop scene and this track’ll shake ya clothes off.” -Alex

5. The Doors – “My Eyes Have Seen You”

“Was originally a B-Side, but one of Jim’s best poems.” – Adam

6. Metz – “Wet Blanket”

“Wet Blanket is just one of the many ground-shaking tracks off their 2012 self-titled LP. One of my favorite albums out right now. Metz RULES.” – Alex

7. MC5 – “Kick Out the Jams”

“MC5… self-explanatory.” – Adam

8. Clipse – “FamLay Freestyle”

“I relate to this dude, and their album Lord Willin’ is one of top rap albums of all time period.” – Adam

9. Tame Impala – “Keep On Lying”

“Amazing psychedelic rock from Australia. First time I heard their debut album, I fell in love. This track is one of my faves and shows how damn groovy their style is. Its almost nostalgic.” – Alex

10. White Mystery – “Birthday”

“This is band special… they’re not signed, BUT just finished a full European tour funded by… THEMSELVES. They kick ass on their own terms.” – Alex

Image courtesy of Bad Cop, Facebook/Nick Major