Valentine’s Tunes 4 U: Courtesy Of My Gold Mask

Posted February 14

That day of rapidly spewing ventricles is here. Whether you’re in love or in despair, listening to copious tunes is called for — STAT. We’ve reached out to a cadre of bands and asked them to score your V’Day — whether you’re anti- or pro-. Check out My Gold Mask‘s picks below.

“Valentine’s Day can be bittersweet sometimes. Even if you’re happy where you are at the moment, there are those lingering memories of past relationships gone sour. Things that went not quite how you first imagined or hoped they would in the beginning, yet you may always harbour those secret feelings still. We chose some songs that represent that haunting feeling for us. They are a little bit all over the map sound-wise, which mimics just how random past relationships can sometimes seem. Our playlist is a little dark, dramatic and haunting… but that’s how we roll.”

Image courtesy of My Gold Mask, Facebook