30 Seconds To Mars Launches Single Into Space, Plus Some Interstellar Playlists

Posted March 18

30 Seconds to Mars brought new meaning to “launching” a single when they stowed a recording of their latest song on to SpaceX’s unmanned rocket. The single, titled “Up in the Air,” was unloaded at the International Space Station along with over 1,200 pounds of supplies. Today, astronaut Tom Mashburn will premiere the single with the band in a Q&A session on the band’s website and the song will premiere — on Earth — this Tuesday. The band’s fourth album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, will be released May 21.

This isn’t the first piece of music sent into space. The Voyager shuttles carried gold records of classical music, NASA beamed the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” directly into space, and last year will.i.am broadcasted his single “Reaching for the Stars” from the Mars Curiosity Rover.

We hope this trend continues, so we compiled three playlists that would be perfectly suited for space travel in the future.  

Staring Into Space

Staring out a bus window can be incredibly conducive to introspection. But astronauts must deal with this on an entirely different level when they look out the window of a moving rocketship. This playlist sets the mood for some deep outerspace philosophizing. From classic space rock hits to newer chillwave songs, this is the perfect soundtrack to a space traveler’s quiet thinking and nostalgia.

Rocket Rap

If you’d rather hype yourself up, listen to these space-inspired raps featuring some of the most futuristic production out there. The rappers in this playlist are not just on top of the world, they’re blasting into the sky rapping about spaceships, lasers and aliens. They’re throwing their middle fingers up to the world because they’re traveling through the stars.

Interstellar Dance Rave

This set features the electronic and dance music that you’d probably hear at the biggest nightclub in outer space. Technologic voices suggest an imminent robot revolution, while ethereal beats capture the feelings of space madness that come with interstellar exploration. So hit play and rave on, space travelers.

Image courtesy of Flickr, chickswithguns