BandPage Allows Fans To Bowl With, Get Lessons From and Generally Bond With Bands — For A Price

Posted March 11

For many artists today, “making it” in the music business is all about grabbing the fickle, ADD-addled attention span of the average music fan. Well, today, artist platform BandPage is out with a new feature that aims to do just that: BandPage Experiences, a functionality that will allow bands to sell tailored, out-there “experiences” to devoted fans.

This past summer, concert ticket platform Bandsintown conducted a survey of its fans to find out more about the average concert-goer. During the course of that study, the service discovered that diehard fans would pay extra for experiences that “made them feel more special” — IE, meet and greets with bands, backstage access, etc. Fans want to feel closer to their favorite bands, and they’re willing to dig into their pockets to do so — hence the rampant success of the Kickstarter platform in the music realm this past year.

BandPage’s new BandPage Experience platform is like Kickstarter in a sense — however, instead of asking artists to launch campaigns in order to fund specific projects, the platform merely asks bands to offer up exclusive, special experiences to fans, who can then buy at will. And by “experiences” we don’t mean the usual merch song and dance — we mean intimate dinners, bowling excursions and all manner of opportunities to completely embarrass yourself in front of your favorite band.

Starting Monday, a selection of bands will be launching “Experiences” through, with more and more bands gaining access to the functionality over the next few months. BandPage hopes to make the tool available to all 500,000 artists who use the service by summer.

For those not in the know, BandPage is an artist platform and Facebook app that allows bands to control their online presence all in one place. At present, “Experiences” is only available via the Web, not artist Facebook pages.

“BandPage Experiences are available on for now. But there is a reason we built out our partner platform,” says founder J. Sider, referring to all the sites to that bands can push content to via BandPage. “Our goal is to connect people who make music with people who love music. So we will be using our platform to get Experiences pushed out through our network of partners over the next few months. The more we can help get relevant information to fans on every platform the more we can help musicians create a sustainable living.”

Partners include: WordPress, Guitar Center, Midem Music Festival, PledgeMusic, Conduit Mobile, Earbits, StoryAmp, Tixie, Music XRay, Local Music Vibe, WeDemand and The Social Radio.

Bands are encouraged to offer up experiences at all price points — for all levels of fans — and, according to Billboard, they will receive 85% of the proceeds from sales. Fans will also be able to suggest “Experiences.”

Check out a sampling of offerings below:

* Stars will record an acoustic cover of any song, just for you. Price $200.

* Múm will create a personal song from your sounds –whistling, guitar plonks or poetry– then send you that song on a vinyl 7” created just for you. Price? $1,500

* Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde will give you a 30-minute personal guitar lesson over Skype (Price: $2,500).

* You can get a drum lesson from Slightly Stoopid’s drummer, RyMo (price: $100)

* Free Energy will take you bowling near their Philadelphia practice space — after you sit in on their rehearsal. Price $50.

* Be Stic’s personal VIP at Dead Prez SXSW showcase featuring Talib Kweli.

* While she’s on tour this year, Nataly Dawn (from Pomplamooose) will cook you dinner, then play a private show in the living room of her airbnb rental. Price $150 and up.

* Megan Keely will write you a personalized ditty for any occasion. Price $100