Dan Deacon Asks Fans To Create His Light Show For Upcoming Tour

Posted March 4

Electronic musician (and O Music Award nominee) Dan Deacon is taking a giant leap into the crowdsourcing sphere during his upcoming Spring tour, asking fans to help create the accompanying light show.

Back in August, Dan Deacon dropped an app for iOS and Android that incorporates audience members and their phones into his live show. Fire up the app, tap “I’m at a show” and your phone will flash with colors and sounds that sync up to the music currently invading your ear holes. Fans used the app during Deacon’s last tour, and the musician was inspired by the outcome.

“Since it’s a brand new technology and a new way to think about lighting, each night was a trial and error learning experience,” Deacon says on his Website. “In that time I’ve really begun to learn the strengths of the app and what it can do — but I only see it from the stage.”

Now, Deacon is hoping to integrate the lights that were once relegated to the audience into the show itself. During his upcoming tour with Animal Collective (March 7 – July 12), Deacon will be reaching out to fans to submit their own light shows, which they can create via a dedicated website. Users can upload any Deacon song they like and use a custom editor to create their own effects. They can also check out other users’ submission, if they’re so inclined.

This isn’t Deacon’s first foray into crowdsourcing. For Record Store Day, he plans to release a 7″ of the song “Konono Ripoff No. 1,” the cover of which was taken at Whiteside Mountain near Highlands, North Carolina, by Molton Brouff, the winner of the crowd-sourced Dan Deacon America Instagram contest.