Facebook Overhauls News Feed: Now You Can Deep-Dive Into Friends’ Music

Posted March 7

Are you one of those people who’s really into getting musical suggestions from friends? Well, you’re in luck. Facebook is overhauling its News Feed to make it easier to cut through all the updates about food and drooling babies and get to the meat of the matter: What your pals are listening to.

Thursday, Facebook announced its brand-new News Feed, which will differ from the current iteration in three ways:

1). Photos will be larger
2). The Feed will be the same across platforms — mobile and Web
3). You will now have access to multiple feeds (recent stories, photos, music, pages you follow, recent posts, etc).

Check out the photo up above and apply for early access here to get a better sense of what the new News Feed will look like. Pretty soon we’ll all be able to filter out content that we really want to see from the rest and do a deep-dive into our friends’ activities.

Via the old News Feed, we can check out friends’ listening activity via the ticker on the right-hand side of the page (for individual songs, etc) and larger listening stories (when someone is listening to a whole album) via the main News Feed. We can also check out a friend’s profile page for their full listening history. However, when the new Feed rolls out to all users in the coming weeks, we’ll be able to sort through this info in one aggregated location.

What do you think of the new digs?