Music & Tech Around The Web: iTunes Inches Toward Streaming, Facebook Plans Unveiling & More

Posted March 7

Friday is nigh. Mark some time with a gaggle of links.

* The streaming wars rage on: iTunes Wants To Pay 50% Less Than Pandora For Streaming [REPORT]

* Will music play a prominent role?: Facebook’s ‘New Look’ May Include Multiple News Feeds

* Spotify while you surf: Spotify opens its beta browser-based app to users in the UK ahead of full launch “later this year”

* Slash finds some birds of a feather to flock to: Rock Musician Slash Invades Angry Birds Space

* Totally retro: Ed Sheeran Mashes Up “No Diggity” And “Thrift Shop”

* Hunk of burning love: Time-Lapse Study of the Day: High Voltage Wood Erosion