Alicia Keys Trades Concert Tickets For Tumblr Posts

Posted April 3

When a band hits the road, fans across the country boasting all levels of photo-snapping skills start hitting the “share” button, flooding Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr with images of their favorite act contorting and caterwauling on stage. On her most recent musical jaunt, Alicia Keys decided to take advantage of all those citizen documentarians, offering them access to shows in exchange for shared snaps.

On March 11, Keys took to her Tumblr to announce a new contest — one that not only benefits her fans, but also the artist herself.

“The unbelievable art, photos and GIFs that the Tumblr community create and share every day, truly inspires me,” she wrote, and then revealed that she had partnered with the blogging platform for her “Set The World On Fire Tour.” For each stop on the tour, Key has been inviting one Tumblr artist from the community to document the show and share those images online — Keys then reblogs those images.

How does the whole deal work? Well, Keys has been taking submissions via her Tumblr from other users, and then selecting one Tumblr-er to get in on the action. That user gets tickets to the show, a photo pass and meet and greet passes.

“I haven’t seen any artists reach out to the Tumblr community on such a major level,” says Tumblr Music Evangelist, Nate Auerbach. “I’ve seen them run submission contests. Some artists have pinpointed specific creators on Tumblr to shoot or illustrate for them. But this is the first community-wide search for talent across a major tour.”

You can check out some pretty impressive pictures now on Keys’ Tumblr. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, there’s still a lot more stops on her tour requiring a photog.

If you’re a band looking to something similar, Auerbach also gave us some tips for engaging your audience. Check them out below:

1). Know what you are looking for, and try to connect with any artists on Tumblr that speak to you.

2). Follow blogs in the visual arts categories, and search your band name to find what sort of art people are posting about you.

3). Use Tumblr like a fan of the arts, just like Alicia does.

4). Remember that the artists you are looking for are like you, in that their art is their livelihood. Just like you, they use Tumblr to engage their community and promote their work.

5). Also, it helps to have a team like Alicia’s that can help narrow down the search.

Image courtesy of andersonmelissajean, Tumblr