Avril Lavigne Taps Fans For New Lyric Video

Posted April 9

Lyric videos are intended to be straight-up karaoke aids — music videos that help fans learn all the words to their favorite jams in order to belt ‘em out into hairbrushes with wild abandon. Well, punk pop star Avril Lavigne has gone and given us a new spin on the lyric video today with the release of the vid for “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” which incorporates fans lip syncing right into the action.

At the end of March, Lavigne posted a teaser of the song to the Web, asking fans to submit photos and video of themselves singing the song via a Facebook app. The best would be included in a new video.

“It was awesome, because there were over 6,000 fans that submitted video footage and photos of themselves and that was really sweet,” Lavigne says. Fans were also asked to submit snaps that represent “never growing up.”

“They were all really sweet,” she adds. “Everyone was different ages and they were really energetic and posing. When I saw the edit, everyone around me, we were all really impressed. It was really endearing.”

According to Lavigne’s camp, the campaign also did better than similar ones launched by One Direction and Justin Bieber, and Lavigne’s social following scored some new fans in the process: more than 100,000 Likes on Facebook and 200,000 Twitter followers.

“Here’s To Never Growing Up” is the first single off of Lavigne’s upcoming fifth studio album, which is posed to drop this summer. With lyrics like, “Singing Radiohead at the top our lungs/With the boombox blaring as we fall in love/” and “Singing here’s to never growing up,” Lavigne intends for the jam to become “an anthem for the kid in all of us.” (Also, for those who are wondering, the Radiohead song that we’re singing at the top of our lungs is “Creep.” Good to know.)

Lavigne doesn’t know if the rest of the tracks on the album will get the same social treatment that “Here’s To Never Growing Up” did, but she did tell us that the album is looking to be very diverse.

“I have a song called ‘Bad Girl’ with Marilyn Manson,” she tells us. “I have a song called ‘Hello Kitty’ and it sounds like nothing I’ve ever done before. There’s a lot of piano ballads that are very either moody or very heartfelt. I have a duet with Chad [Kroeger], my fiance, and there’s some super fun pop songs that are rock-oriented.”

Kroeger also co-wrote “Here’s To Never Growing Up.”

Although Lavigne is a relatively young pop star — just 28 — her career has spanned more than a decade, having sold 30 million albums worldwide and more than 40 million singles. When we asked her to try to imagine what it would have been like to launch a crowdsourced campaign back in her “Complicated” days she laughed.

“Not as many people would have submitted,” she said. “You’d be video-cameraing yourself and sending it in the mail, right? Thank God for social media.”