Boards of Canada Announce New Record Via Online Scavenger Hunt

Posted April 29

Back in September, we opined that scavenger hunts are all the rage now when to comes to teasing album releases. Since then, we have seen Brand New drummer Brian Lane introducing his side project band, Shone, via a massive, IRL/online hunt — the most intricate we have ever laid eyes on. Now, it seems, Boards of Canada has trumped Shone’s effort, having announced their upcoming album, Tomorrow’s Harvest, via an elaborate scavenger hunt that finally unraveled today.

Last week, writer/editor Eliot Van Buskirk introduced us to the Boards of Canada’s scavenger effort, detailing how the band released a number of one-of-a-kind 12-inch singles on Record Store Day (4/20), each of which only contain 20-seconds of content. Van Buskirk — along with the entire Internet — believed that these rare pieces of vinyl could be harbingers of a new record from the band — the first since 2005′s The Campfire Headphase. And they were right.

Following the mysterious vinyl’s release, more clues began to come to light, including a code emblazoned on the record sleeves — “—— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——” — that was slowly pieced together via numbers doled out on radio shows and via a commercial airing on Cartoon Network.

Monday, that code was finally put to use when the band’s website began redirecting to the hackerish-looking destination, which required — bingo — a password to access. Once the above code was cracked, the corresponding digits served to unlock a teaser video (here), and soon after, the band’s label, Warp, announced that the band would be releasing a new album — Tomorrow’s Harvest — on June 10.

Although Boards of Canada fans would probably have been extremely amped for a new record after eight years of silence, this campaign certainly served to drum up interest for the new record (in fact, the pre-order page seems overloaded at present).

Do you think more bands will take the scavenger hunt approach in the future?