Chill With Other “Girls Like Me” In This Interactive Music Video

Posted April 10

Yesterday, we showed you Avril Lavigne’s lyric video, which added fan snaps into the action — today, we have a fun little interactive video from LA band TV Girl that lets you factor yourself into the video equation.

“Girls Like Me” is a cool little video courtesy of directing duo fourclops that plugs directly into Facebook. Simply visit the website, connect to your Facebook and take a snap of yourself using your webcam. When the video starts up, you’ll not only see your own picture, but also photos of any of your Facebook friends who have watched the video. Those photos are interspersed with pre-recorded footage of fans singing or “finger tutting” along to the song.

The video changes every time you view it, depending on which of your friends have tried it out before. Check out my version above, complete with a terrible photo of me sitting in my starkly lit cubicle.

If fourclops strikes a familiar chord with you, it’s because the directors also created an interactive music video for the O Music Awards and MNDR during one of our New York-based Unboxed events. In fact, that video will be soon be appearing at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York, as part of an exhibit called “Spectacle: The Music Video.”