Dan Deacon Gets Interactive With Music Video & App

Posted April 29

Electronic musician Dan Deacon is out with an interactive music video today that merges his Record Store Day single, “Konono Ripoff No. 1,” with his recently released eponymous app.

Deacon debuted Dan Deacon the app last summer to herald the release of his new record, America. At the time of launch, its purpose was to bring audiences into his live show by letting them provide lights and effects via their smartphones.

How does that work, exactly? Well, when you go to a show, you can fire up the app, tap “I’m at a show” and your phone will flash with colors and sounds that sync up with the music that Deacon is playing on stage.

Now, Deacon has released an update to the app to accompany a new video, which features a ton of GIF-like portraits of members of the Baltimore art scene holding objects representative of their personas. When you fire up the app while the video is playing and tap “I’m at a show,” the images on the screen will sync up to the video — so when you see a man smoking a pipe, a pipe will appear on your smartphone — and you can control them by moving your device.

We really appreciate how Deacon keeps his app alive by adding new features and effects that only serve to enhance his music.

Download the app and check out the newest iteration below: