Dance On The Wing Of A Warplane In Interactive Music Video

Posted April 10

Ever dreamed of dancing on the wing of a WWII Corsair F4 fighter aircraft? No? Well, regardless of your meeped response, now you can — thanks to a new interactive video from producer Boys Noize for his single “Stop.”

The interactive vid allows you to explore a landscape studded with fighter planes, all the while perched on one of the planes’ wings. All you have to do is drag your curser around to change up the scenery. (We recommend, however, keeping your eyes trained on pilot and his rather, er, unusual nose…)

“It’s a sarcastic video about peace and individualism, with the beauty of war for backdrop, the one you fight sky-high alongside your comrades, almost as if in a club with your buddies, showing off your new kicks and latest dance moves,” director Barzolff told Mashable, who premiered the below linear version of the video.

“Stop” joins are cadre of interactive music videos that allow the user to explore his/her landscape via mouse click, including Chris Milk and Beck’s “Sound And Vision” and Matchbox 20′s “She’s So Mean.”