Electronic Music Festival Sources Performers Via Online DJ Platform

Posted April 23

One hundred and fifty DJs vied for a spot in Dallas’ longest running electronic music festival, Meltdown Music Festival, this month and two came out on top. No, the winning pair didn’t have to travel to Texas to face off for the show slot — they did so from the comfort of their own homes via DJ platform Mixify.

Mixify is a social listening platform for DJs that launched in November, complete with a global, online festival that same month to celebrate its birth. Now, the platform is taking online talent IRL, having sourced acts for a music festival via the virtual realm.

Leading up to the Meltdown Music Festival in Dallas — which takes place this Saturday, April 27 — Mixify, production company Disco Donnie Presents, Full Access Dallas and Prototype Industries held a contest to choose one DJ to perform at the fest. More than 150 DJs worldwide took part in the competition — which involved bringing the most users to their online Mixify events — and 10 finalists were chosen from the lot.

Those 10 submitted a mix for fan voting and, in the end, the competition was so close that two DJs were chosen to perform: Subset from Brooklyn, New York, and Jus Jay from Barbados.

Both Subset and Jus Jay — who are relatively new Mixify users — say that they had great experiences using the service during the first round of the competition and that they would use it again in the future. What captured their attention the most was the ability to DJ to anyone and everyone around the world from the comfort of your own home — and get instant feedback on their mixes. Subset DJ’d the contest at his friend’s apartment, while Jus Jay stayed home to spin.

“I had people tuning in from all around the world,” Subset says. “I had some people tune in from Costa Rica and Dubai — places I’ve DJ’d before. It was a lot of fun and I’m definitely going to want to do some again. I want to start doing them regularly.”

“It was really motivational, because a lot of the listeners promote your work to their countries,” Jus Jay says.

For those not familiar with how the platform works, Mixify is kind of like a more sophisticated Turntable.fm. After a DJ joins the platform, they can start playing jams for fans — either by uploading a set or streaming it live to the site while performing (DJs have the option to record a live set via the site as well).

Fans can then congregate in a kind of virtual chatroom to listen and chat, giving DJs feedback and interacting with other listeners. If a DJ so chooses, he can also leave a set up on the site for fans to listen to at their leisure. The whole thing is mainly an audio experience, unless you count the visualizer that pulses behind the virtual DJ.

When it comes to how Subset and Jus Jay distinguished themselves on such an activity-filled platform, both cited their solid, growing fanbases as the clinchers.

“It’s definitely helped that over the past few years I’ve been building a pretty good following here in New York City,” Subset says. “I have a weekly party in Webster Hall that I’ve been slowly building a fanbase for.”

“I think what put me into that final spot is the fact that I’m from an island, and because the island is small, everyone kind of knows everyone,” Jus Jay says. “It’s like an entire country standing behind me.”

Subset and Jus Jay will have another chance to hone their skills in front of a global audience before the fest this weekend, as Mixify is holding a digital, free version of the festival Wednesday on the site. Set times are as follows:

Jus-Jay, Competition Winner (11 AM EDT) – RSVP HERE

Subset, Competition Winner (12 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE

Gent & Jawns (1 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE

Candyland (2 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE


Carnage (4PM EDT) – RSVP HERE

Deniz Koyu (5 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE

12th Planet (6 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE

Delta Heavy (7 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE

Kill Paris (8 PM EDT) – RSVP HERE