Musician Creates Interactive Air Organ With Vine

Posted April 26

Back when video-sharing service Vine dropped in January, we speculated on all the myriad ways musicians could use the service. Now, slowly but surely, bands and companies are rolling out tools and projects that take advantage of the service’s functionality. The most recent entrant into the Vine/music world? Musician Noah Wall, who created an interactive song/instrument using Vine, an air organ, and a passel of household objects.

“HOME DRONE” is a pretty straightforward idea: Just visit the site — which features 18 Vine videos of 18 household objects resting on 18 different air organ keys — and start activating the sound on random videos. You can listen to all sounds at once, or turn them on/off to create a tune as you would on a real instrument.

“It was kind of simple idea,” says Wall of the project, which was inspired, in part, by an instrument called a mellotron (a kind of keyboard in which keys line up with a tape loop). “One thing I like about Vine is how kind of dumb it is. There’s so many limitations and it does one very specific thing. It was appealing to make something really simple. That’s where all the household objects came from as well. Things that were lying around the house — some more recognizable than others,” he says.

The whole project was, as Wall says, pretty simple in execution; it took one day to create. He also recently played it live at a New York event. You can check out a Vine — naturally — of that below.

Wall is no stranger to out-there musical endeavors. He released his album, HÈLOÏSE, via a massive IRL scavenger hunt in New York City in 2011 — complete with a Google Maps treasure map.

“HOME DRONE,” however, is likely to be his own foray into Vine. “I think that’s all there is in the tank for Vine,” he says. Although he does advise folks to keep playing with his online air organ. “I think it’s kind of nice to leave on and leave the room and just let it go,” he says.