Psy Take Two – Has He Done It Again?

Posted April 18

If you thought your galloping days were over, you might just be right. A new dance is in town. This past week, South Korean YouTube sensation Psy released the followup track to his smash hit “Gangnam Style,” and it seems the madness has begun anew. The question of whether Psy would be able to repeat the success has been buzzing around the industry for months, and now the first numbers are trickling in.

Psy isn’t straying too far from the magic formula that propelled him on to the international music scene last summer, a similar hypnotic rhythm underlies the new track, as well as an intriguing mix of Korean and unintelligible English to sing along to, including the catch phrase “Mother, Father, Gentleman.” The new music video is a tad more racy than the last, with a swaying hip gesture described as the “arrogant dance” replacing the familiar gallop.

Whether or not “Gentleman” will have the same longevity as “Gangnam Style” (which now has more than 1.5 billion views and is still appearing on iTunes charts around the world close to a year after the initial craze) remains to be seen. But the early indicators seem positive, at least in terms of plays. The more than 48 million YouTube views tracked on his official channel on Sunday alone is close to ten times what he saw just two days before. The video itself has been watched more than 145 million times already, and while the number of daily views dipped slightly on Monday, it was still the most watched video on YouTube everywhere from Argentina to Ireland to Taiwan over the weekend.

Psy ranked number one of all artists in the number of new YouTube views last week, and if you figured he must have tapped out his pool of potential fans by now, close to 260,000 people clicked the subscribe button in the last seven days, a 720% increase from the week before. What is more, “Gentleman” entered the UK Official Singles Chart at number 61, the same spot that “Gangnam Style” debuted at, and crawled up to number nine on the iTunes chart of Top Songs in the US.

It might be too early too tell whether the initial spike in numbers is just a piggyback off the media frenzy around the release, or a sign that Psy has really done it again, but his overall number of views is staggering.

Get ready for another summer of K-Pop.

Photo Credit: Screen grab from Official Video for Gentleman.

This article originally appeared on the Next Big Sound blog. Liv Buli is the resident data journalist for music analytics company Next Big Sound. Buli is a graduate of New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and her work has appeared in Newsweek Daily Beast, The New York Times Local East Village, Hypebot and more.