Rdio Takes On Amazon & iTunes With Vdio

Posted April 3

Music subscription service Rdio has a brand new bag: Vdio, a platform that offers up pay-per-view streaming movies and TV.

Vdio launched today in the US and UK with $25/£20 gift certificates being sent out to users who subscribe to Rdio’s Unlimited tier. Anyone who subscribes to Rdio Unlimited in the next 60 days will also nab the pro bono deal. The service is available on the Web and iPad, with other devices on the horizon.

Once you fire up the service, you will be able to check out a ton of movies, including new releases like Skyfall, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, as well as TV shows like The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey. Again, this is a pay-per-view service, so it works more like iTunes or Amazon when it comes to viewing than Netflix or Hulu — IE, you pay cash for each piece of content, not for unlimited access. This is the case because Vdio wants to feature new, fresh films and shows and securing deals for streaming for such content is difficult. A subscription model could be launched in the future.

Vdio, like Rdio, also puts an emphasis on social: Users are able to organize content into “Sets,” or viewing playlists, and share those sets with friends. Users will also be able to follow each other.

This move is definitely a legup for Rdio when it comes to the music subscription game. Rumors recently began swirling that Spotify would make a similar move — rumors that have yet to come to fruition. Rdio’s leap into the visual world gives it an edge with consumers looking for a variety of content from their subscription service of choice.

Vdio will be rolled out to other markets beyond the U.S. and Canada in the future.