Your 6-Second Vines Become Music Videos

Posted April 11

While Prince’s NPG Records is busy issuing DMCA takedowns of Vine videos featuring the Purple One’s content, one company is sourcing the video-sharing service for 6-second clips to feature in custom music videos.

Enter VineTunes, a little service from London ad agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay that matches up Vine videos to jams. (If you’re not familiar, Vine is a new video-sharing iOS app from Twitter that launched in January, allowing users to share 6-second videos, ala Instagram.)

It works thusly: Every month, the staff will choose one song to be made into a music video (bands can submit their work to get the Vine treatment) and assign a hashtag to one word in each lyric. For example: “You are here in my #heart and my heart will go on and go.” The staff then goes out and finds a Vine with that hashtag to add to the video. The result is an ever-changing collage of a vid, with different tags being pulled in all the time.

Users can also add their own Vines to the vid by scoring an assigned word via the site and tagging it with the appropriate hashtag, along with #VineTune.

The first song to be VineTuned is “Flexin,” by Masters Of France. Check it out here.