EVNTLIVE Lets You Jam With The Parlotones From Your Living Room

Posted May 7

Down to see a show tonight, but don’t feel up to leaving the house? Well, lucky for you, The Parlotones are playing a show this eve, and even if you live nowhere near The Roxy in West Hollywood, you can attend the gig — all from the comfort of your own home. Enter EVNTLIVE.

EVNTLIVE is the newest entrant into the live online concert platform game, having launched in Beta last month. The site not only features live concerts, but also on-demand footage from those same shows and past gigs. Show pages include behind-the-scenes content and music videos, as well as social features like sharing and chat. Some shows — like tonight’s Parlotones gig — are free, while others will require users to part with some cash for access.

Tonight’s show is the next is a line of bigger marquee events — following Bon Jovi’s final show on his U.S. tour, which was streamed on EVNTLIVE at the end of April.

Streaming their show live on an online platform is not an unprecedented move for The Parlotones; back in 2011, they performed their rock opera Dragonflies & Astronauts live on Facebook.

The show tonight starts on the EVNTLIVE site at 10pm PDT, and it’s free to watch.

The O Music Blog recently chatted with EVNTLIVE co-founder David Carrico to find out more about the service and what the team has in store. Check out our Q&A below:

So what’s the creation story of EVNTLIVE?

My background is in music management. I spent a few years in Beverly Hills running a music management company and my mother, Judy Estrin — who is our CEO — is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. Our other co-founders, Alex and Jonathan [Beckman] — who are brothers, another family — Jono is a musician, and Alex has a long history in interactive TV and doing production for film shoots.

The four of us sat down and really saw an opportunity here to build something that we are all passionate about and all came to the content from very different angles. The four of us felt uniquely qualified to help build this experience online that was really exciting for the fan as well as really great for the artist.

What distinguishes EVNTLIVE from other online concert-streaming platforms?

EVNTLIVE is solely focused on full-length live concerts and watching them interactively and socially. We thought about, ‘What does a person do when they go see a show?’ They move around, they see different angles, they buy merchandise. They chat with their friends. They share things with their friends. These are all things that people do at a show, and we wanted to replicate them online.

So, in terms of our functionality, we allow a user to do all of those things. Whether it be switching camera angles to get a different angle of the show, whether it be chatting with their friends through our chatting mechanisms, being able to post immediately to Facebook and Twitter and discuss the show that way. [Fans are] able to view all-access footage from the band and simultaneously watch the show — the user can watch backstage video or watch a music video at the same time. They can read the artist’s Twitter. They can buy merch or music from the artist. Imagine having an all-access pass to a live show. We wanted to simulate that online.

How do you pick bands to feature?

For us, we’re really focused on looking for bands that have great digital fanbases. It could be an emerging act, it could be a well-established act — like Bon Jovi — but either way we’re looking for artists that really have a digital footprint and a group of people online who really want to see the show. That’s how we curate — not based on genre like other places, but based on music that we want to see ourselves.

How did you get involved with Bon Jovi, who streamed the final concert of his U.S. tour on EVNTLIVE?

We got involved with Bon Jovi through a partnership we have with a company called Sparkart. Sparkart does digital advisement to a lot of big acts and they are one of our partners. They introduced us to the Bon Jovi team.

How did that show go? How many people tuned in?

We can’t talk about numbers, but we were ecstatic.

When are you coming out of Beta?

We’re going to stay in Beta for a period of time as we work out the bugs. We only launched a few days ago and we want to message that we’re in Beta to users in case they experience something. We’re adding new features all the time.