Meet Make A Band Famous Nominee: John & Jacob

Posted May 29

How are your voting fingers feeling? Tired? Well, they’re about to get exhausted! Have you heard of our brand-new Make A Band Famous category? Allow us to explicate: We have chosen 10 up-and-coming, awesome bands with thriving fanbases to face off in the ultimate competition. Five will be chosen — by fan vote — to play the O Music Awards on June 19 (those will be announced on May 31) and one of those five will get a HUGE opportunity: a once-in-a-lifetime shot to play VMA weekend in August, as well as the distinction of becoming MTV’s Artist to Watch, VH1’s You Oughta Know, or CMT’s Listen Up highlighted band. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of those 10 acts, John & Jacob.

These childhood friends –- hailing from Alabama and residing in Tennessee –- have the South and country in their bones. Together they create gospel-tinged acoustic tunes shot through with a rock sensibility that somehow recall both front porch jam sessions and smoky pool halls. With an EP under their collective belt featuring swoon-worthy tracks like “Be My Girl” and “See You Tonight,” this Southern duo is sure to get some voters hot under the collar.

Read out Q&A below and click “vote” here.

What is your earliest musical memory?

My dad raised me on George Jones and wherever we would go in his pickup truck he would put in one of his George Jones cassette tapes and would get me to sing along. – Jacob

My dad has always been in a band and I used to go watch him practice. And the only thing I wanted to do was play on the drums. – John

Tell us a little bit about your songwriting process.

We love great harmonies and melodies. Songs that we write have to just feel good to us. Most of the time one of us will usually have an idea or a melody or a guitar progression and then we will bounce it back and forth until we are happy with the song. We are also experimenting more with writing as a band (Jake Thrasher and Trevor Davis), which is going really well.

Which of your songs do you think is the most representative of your music? Why? Tell us about it.

It’s always the most recently written song that seems to best represent us because it’s what feels right at the time. But if there was one current song of ours, I’d say ‘Be My Girl’ because it has this fun and energetic element to it that just makes you move, which reflects our live show.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?

The craziest thing we’ve seen so far is a girl getting a tattoo of our band name. It’s a good kind of crazy.

What’s running through your head when you’re performing live?

I honestly don’t know what I’m thinking about. I know that before we go on I can be a little nervous, but as soon as we start playing it’s all about the music and I think we all go into a different zone. – Jacob

No clue. It’s all over just as soon as it began, it seems. I guess adrenaline takes over and it’s hard to actually think. The only thing I know to do is to just keep having fun on stage. It’s infectious. – John

Which musicians inspire you and why?

We love early music like the Beatles, Beach Boys and Sam Cooke. But we are constantly discovering new music that we will get into and the music will inspire us to try new or different things. One particular musician that we tip our hat to for his music and recording style is Jeff Lynne (ELO). Such good music!

What do you hope people do when they listen to your tunes?

I want them to feel something. If it’s a happy song I want them dancing around and if it’s a sad one I want them to feel what we feel.

Do you have signature style? If so, what is it?

We are real casual when it comes to the way we dress. Button-ups, tank tops, good pair of jeans. We also like spiffing up for the occasional show and throwing in a suit and bow tie

Kittens or puppies? Explain.

I love dogs. Definitely a dog person even though I love all animals. I’ve also heard not to trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs. – Jacob

I’m also a dog person and have only had dogs growing up. Plus, I feel like cats are more conditional and dogs are always happy to see you. But since the question is kittens or puppies, I choose both! I love any baby animal. – John

Why should we vote for you?

You should vote for us if you feel a connection to our music. If you enjoy us as artists and think we deserve your vote, then we would be honored to have it. Music is just what we love to do and is how we express ourselves. We are so grateful for everything that has happened so far and would love the opportunity to keep this thing going. Thank you!