Pandora Gets Into The Pre-Release Biz

Posted May 21

Pandora announced Tuesday a brand-new feature titled Pandora Premieres, which is certain to give music blogs a run for their money.

Pandora Premieres is a new station on the platform on which U.S. users can listen to albums in full before their official drop dates. The feature launches today with new albums from John Fogerty and Laura Marling.

All a user need do to listen is to add the station to his/her store of tunes, and from there s/he can listen to any track on the album — in any order — as many times as s/he likes. This is a major plus for Pandora users, since the platform does not offer on-demand listening. Artists will also feature a ton of exclusive content and interviews.

In recent years, it’s become common for bands to premiere new albums via streams on music blogs, allowing users to listen for free a week or two before the actual release date. Some streaming services, like Rhapsody, also tease albums before release. However, the ability to listen to tunes on Pandora for free — and on mobile — should be an interesting prospect for users.

We wonder how many artists — and what levels of artist — will engage in the coming months.

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