Andrew W.K., The Jonas Brothers & More To Play The O Music Awards

Posted June 17

Friends, O Music Awards fans, Party Animals: Lend me your ears! You have generated — brace yourselves — 70 MILLION VOTES for the O Music Awards! Give yourself a big ol’ hug, kids! That’s nearly twice the votes we had last year and the show ain’t even over yet. Oh, no! There’s still so much to come, including some amazing performers we’re primed to announce today. Here’s a taste: Andrew W.K. and the Jonas Brothers. Whoa.

First things first — you know that 24-hour drumathon we’ve been on about? Well, guess who will be heading it up? Only the partiest man alive, Andrew W.K. Andrew will be drumming live for 24 hours during the O Music Awards in an attempt to set a brand-new world record. Additionally, the Jonas Brothers have agreed to kick off the “Live Music Day Festival,” the world’s largest online and mobile music festival, taking place exclusively during the live awards event, beginning June 19th, 2013 at 7pm ET/4pm PT and lasting for 24 hours. “Live Music Day Festival” features more than 50 bands, five kittens, and one goat.

So back to this #drumathon (that’s the official hashtag — memorize it, you’ll be using it a lot). In the spirit of web memes and parodies — and to spoof previous O Music Award world records — Andrew W.K. will seek to set the record for the LONGEST DRUM SESSION IN A RETAIL STORE. The Roots band leader and drummer Questlove will team up with Andrew for the first portion of a 24-hour-drum-a-thon world record attempt. This rhythmic feat of endurance will serve as the heartbeat for “Live Music Day.” Throughout the event, which takes place in the Oakley Flagship Store, surprise drummers will drop by and jam out with Andrew, pumping him up and cheering him on as he strains to keep the beat going for the entire day and night.

Previous O Music Awards have included Chiddy of Chiddy Bang setting the record for the longest ever freestyle rap, and Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips setting the world record for most shows played in a 24-hour period (multi-city).

But, mind you, this show isn’t only about stunts. We also have a TON of tunes! The Jonas Brothers are set to kick off the “Live Music Day Festival,” which will feature more than 50 bands and include an eclectic mix of indie, rock, folk, country, hip-hop, pop, and R&B artists. The Grammy-nominated group will be playing a medley of songs off of their highly anticipated, upcoming fifth album, including their latest single, “First Time,” to be released on June 25th.

Joining the previously announced line-up are Nikki Williams, Travi$ Scott, The Stepkids, Natalie Stovall, Scars on 45, K. Michelle, GROUPLOVE, The Mowglis, Robert Schwartzman, NIGHT RIOTS and AndrewAndrew. Following the live performances, select clips will be available to view via each performer’s Artist Platform page.

“But what about the awards?” you may ask. Well, we’re getting to those! For the first time, the O Music Awards will feature the “Make a Band Famous” award and opportunity. Artists and bands first opted into the contest via Viacom Music Group’s artist platform (Artists.MTV, Artists.VH1, and Artists.CMT), with 10 semifinalists determined by internal committee and fan engagement. After nearly one million votes, the five top vote-getters who will now play the O Music Awards are (in alphabetical order): Chill Moody, Darling Parade, The So So Glos, Striking Matches and Syd Arthur. During the live show, the band who scores the most votes will get a once-in-a-lifetime shot to play the VMA weekend in August, as well as the distinction of becoming MTV’s Artist to Watch, VH1’s You Oughta Know, or CMT’s Listen Up highlighted band.

Fans will be able to watch the entire 24-hour event from their device of choice via

The O Music Award categories epitomize the current state of music, culture and technology. Returning categories include, “Digital Genius,” “Fan Army FTW,” “Best Web-Born Artist,” “Must Follow Artist on Twitter,” “Best Music App,” “Too Much Ass For TV” and “Best Artist Instagram.” Inaugural categories include “Next Big Scene,” which recognizes emerging genres and music trends; “Most Inspiring Fan Outreach,” honoring musicians who leverage digital platforms to reach their fans in innovative ways; “Analog Genius,” honoring artists who are using older technology in groundbreaking ways; and the “Friday, Friday Award,” a salute to viral trends that we wish would go away.

Are you suitably excited yet? Yeah, we thought so. Get ready, kids — this is going to be a BLAST!

Image courtesy of Jonathan Thorpe