Apple To Get Into Streaming Music With iTunes Radio

Posted June 10

Watch out Pandora and Co., Apple is finally getting into the streaming music game. Introducing, iTunes Radio.

At today’s WorldWide Developers’ Conference, Apple unveiled its newest addition to its music offerings: iTunes Radio. Much like Pandora, the service will have featured stations based on artists, and will also allow you to make your own based on your tastes. You can also buy tunes within the service. iTunes Radio will be free with ads — ad-free if you subscribe to iTunes Match.

iTunes Radio is one of the slew of upgrades that will come with iOS7, which will be released some time this fall. It will be available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch — as well as Mac and PC.

With Google already in the streaming game and Apple now on the cusp, it’s looking as though digital music services may finally wholly break into the mainstream in 2013.

Images courtesy of Flickr, craig Cloutier, Sean MacEntee