Attention Fan Armies: Want To Be On Our Show? Here’s How!

Posted June 11

Hey there fan armies: It’s time to rally for the cause! We’re cooking up something special for our 24-hour O Music Awards event, and we need YOU to make it happen!

So here’s what you gotta do: Get on camera and go on record for your army. Take 30 seconds or less to respond to each of the prompts below:

1). Describe the first time you heard or saw your artist/band.

2). What does it mean to be a member of your FAN ARMY? Tell us the importance of this FAN ARMY in your everyday life.

3). How many times have you seen your band live?

4). Have you ever met any members of your band? What did that mean to you?

5). What sets your FAN ARMY apart from other Fan Armies?

6). Why should your FAN ARMY win the OMA this year?

7). How often have you voted?

8.) What would it mean to you if your FAN ARMY won the O Music Award?

9). ASK/BEG/COMMAND your fellow fans to vote!

10). PLEDGE Allegiance to your band/artist on camera.


You have 15 seconds! Send a message to your beloved band.

Submit your videos via email to:OMAFANARMY2013@GMAIL.COM (Subject line: FAN ARMY FTW) by Tuesday, June 18, at noon. You can also Skype with us if you’d rather be interviewed! Email us at the above address to schedule.


1). Look directly into the camera & speak loud & clear. If you’re shooting on a cellphone, be sure to keep the camera HORIZONTAL, NOT VERTICAL.

2). Setting counts! Showcase your fandom visually by positioning yourself near your posters, etc. Ditto to your wardrobe… Show us your favorite band shirt! Any band tattoos? Let’s see ‘em!

3). Make sure NO MUSIC is playing in the background. Any videos featuring music (even playing in the background) will have to be immediately disqualified.

The best submissions will be chosen to be included on our live broadcast June 19th-June 20th.

Battle on FTW!

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Image courtesy of Flickr, crsan