Epic #Drumathon Moment One: Andrew W.K. Drums With Questlove & Hanson

Posted June 21

Hey there, kids! We have weathered the storm, emerging from our 24-hour online music festival/awards show/cat-extravaganza unscathed! Now, it’s time to reflect on some of our favorite moments. The first? How about the time that Party King Andrew W.K., Questlove and Hanson all rocked out on the drums?

Last night marked the end of our fourth O Music Awards show, and what a show it was! Over the course of the 24 hours, Andrew W.K. was camped out in the Oakley store in Times Square, where he set a new record for the longest drum session in a retail store in New York City. And during those 24 hours, dude was joined by some pretty impressive guests.

The Roots band leader Questlove kicked off the festivities, returning throughout the day and night to keep Andrew strong. During one of those visits, something magical happened — Hanson, the band of brothers who has been rocking for 21 years now, jumped into the fray.

What transpired was a magical melange of rock ‘n’ greatness that we will treasure in our hardened hearts forever. Check it out below!

What was your favorite #OMusicAwards moment?