Meet “Best Interactive Music Video” Nominee: Yung Jake

Posted June 11

The O Music Awards is creeping ever nearer and we hope to deities that you are all voting your FACES off. Well, take a (quick) break from doing so and get to know one of out nominees, why don’t you? We spoke with Best Interactive Music Video nom Yung Jake (via text!) and found out all about the genesis of his rad video, “!”

Ever wonder what it looks like – literally – when a song blows up online? Well, “!” – created by Yung Jake and director Eli Stonberg – replicates the phenomenon via a multi-browser-based experience centered around a faux YouTube page.

The video — which you can watch here — is only part of Yung Jake’s techie oeuvre; he helped to create an augmented reality app for Sundance called Augmented Real, performed (remotely) at the fest, and even wrote a song called “Datamosh” about datamoshing (the practice of using corrupted digital video as art).

Check out our text convo with Jake below and if you like what you see/read, head on over to his vote page to give him some love!