Party Pearls Of Wisdom From Andrew W.K. & Pearl The Goat

Posted June 18

The O Music Awards is officially TOMORROW and with it comes a TON of eclectic awards, 50+ bands playing across the country, Andrew W.K. drumming for 24 hours to set a new world record, a passel of kittens and, of course, a goat. Yes, you heard us right — a goat.

Pearl the Goat will be gracing us with her presence for a solid chunk of the O Music Awards, helping to give out awards and just generally being ADORABLE. And in honor of her impending arrival in Times Square, we teamed up with Andrew W.K. to dispense with some wisdom — in the form of bright, colorful pics like the one up yonder. We’ll be doling even MORE out on Facebook and Twitter (as will Andrew W.K.) in the coming days, so stay tuned, get stoked and get ready to FREAK OUT!

Oh, and feel free to add your own spin on images like the one above and tweet them to us at @OMusicAwards, #OMusicAwards.