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Best Songs of 2013: The SoundCloud Edition

Posted July 3

I’m sure you’re still reeling from the deluge of mid-year “best of” album lists published as we begin the second half of the year. I must admit that I’ve found my collection of favorite songs to be a bit more obscure. Enter, the best of SoundCloud best of list.

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Our Favorite #Drumathon Moments

Posted June 25

Although it’s been almost a week since Andrew W.K. crushed the record for the longest drum session in a retail store at our 24-hour O Music Awards show, we’re still reeling from all the glorious memories we’ve made. The drumathon was replete with amazing, shining moments — from collaborations between top-notch musicians to surprise visits from prestigious Internet cats. Check out some of our favorites below.

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Andrew W.K., The Jonas Brothers & More To Play The O Music Awards

Posted June 17

Friends, O Music Awards fans, Party Animals: Lend me your ears! You have generated — brace yourselves — 70 MILLION VOTES for the O Music Awards! Give yourself a big ol’ hug, kids! That’s nearly twice the votes we had last year and the show ain’t even over yet. Oh, no! There’s still so much to come, including some amazing performers we’re primed to announce today. Here’s a taste: Andrew W.K. and the Jonas Brothers. Whoa.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Myspace Updates iOS App, Kanye Is Steve Jobs & More

Posted June 12

We are one week out from the O Music Awards — please endeavor to control yourself in order to peruse some links.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Pandora Reacts To iTunes Radio, Daft Punk Get Catty & More

Posted June 11

The O Music Awards are almost a week away. Keep on VOTING! But first, some links!

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