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30 Seconds To Mars Launches Single Into Space, Plus Some Interstellar Playlists

Posted March 18

30 Seconds to Mars brought new meaning to “launching” a single when they stowed a recording of their latest song on to SpaceX’s unmanned rocket. The single, titled “Up in the Air,” was unloaded at the International Space Station along with over 1,200 pounds of supplies. Today, astronaut Tom Mashburn will premiere the single with the band in a Q&A session on the band’s website and the song will premiere — on Earth — this Tuesday. The band’s fourth album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, will be released May 21.

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30 Seconds To Mars Wins Best Online Concert Experience

Posted June 27

Echelon has scored a handy victory for their fearless leaders, 30 Seconds To Mars: the OMA for “Best Online Concert Experience.” Now log on, Leto, and give us an encore!

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Fan Army Manifesto: 30 Seconds To Mars’ “Echelon”

Posted June 13

For many super fans, loving a band is anything but a phase. It’s a way of life, it’s a guiding force, it’s — in many ways — like visiting an Olive Garden: When you’re here, you’re family. Such is the way with Echelon, a.k.a. fans of the Jared Leto-fronted band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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30 Seconds To Mars, Neon Hitch, Radiohead & More Score Write-in Nominations

Posted May 31

Attention O Music Awards minions — I mean, fans… You’ve been hard at work for a week now, racking up millions of votes and writing in to nominate all those various and sundry artists/apps/etc that we failed to include in the first round of honorees. Well, we heard you — loud and clear — and we’ve gone ahead and rounded out the joint with NINE more nominees. Check out the full list after the jump and KEEP VOTING. The awards show goes down on June 27, and we expect your tired bones to continue clicking until the very last second.

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O Music Award for NSFW Music Video

Posted April 28

Sometimes a music video goes too far…and it’s awesome. Sadly, these are the videos that you simply can’t watch while working at your desk. You’d probably get fired, but it would be worth it for this O Music Award Winner.

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