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Tokio Hotel’s “Aliens” Win Fan Army FTW

Posted June 28

For the third time running, Tokio Hotel’s “Aliens” have won the O Music Award for Fan Army FTW! Go rest your aching fingers, kids, you’ve earned it.

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Fan Army Manifestos: Tokio Hotel’s “Aliens”

Posted June 18

After two straight cycles of completely trouncing their competition for the O Music Award for Fan Army FTW, Tokio Hotel’s Aliens are back, their aching, spasming clicking fingers nearly bleeding into the cracks of their keyboards for all the voting they’ve been doing. Can they remain victorious for the third time in a row? Well, according to the cadre of Aliens that we interviewed, they’re pretty confident that their troops will prevail.

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Tokio Hotel’s Aliens Are: Fan Army FTW

Posted November 1

We don’t know how you’re still standing (we would be beat to hell from all that voting), but, Aliens, give yourself a weary round of applause: You truly are the O Music Awards’ Fan Army FTW.

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What It Takes To Lead a Tokio Hotel Fan Army

Posted September 29

As you can see from the massive influx of votes in the Fan Army FTW category, the award meted out to these top music lovers is one of the most popular in the O Music Awards roster. That’s why we’re aiming to chat with the top dogs in each of these armies — folks that simultaneously amaze and terrify us with their ardent dedication.

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