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For OK Go, Apps Are Just Another Extension Of Their Art

Posted May 20

When you hear the words “band app,” what comes to mind? Likely a sad shell of a digital offering, serving up a sparse smattering of tour dates, song samples, photos and videos. Not so with OK Go’s new app, Say The Same Thing — a band-branded social game that expands OK Go’s circle of artistic offerings without being explicitly about their music.

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Rdio Gets Even More Sleek With Mobile Updates

Posted November 27

Rdio has always been the pretty, pretty princess of music subscription services: IE, its UI is really, really sleek. Now, the service has gone and revamped its iOS and Android apps, adding a suite of tweaks and features that make Rdio even more slick.

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RaRa Launches New Music-Streaming Mobile App [REVIEW]

Posted November 9

The new mobile app (Android, iOS) from music-streaming service RaRa comes loaded with nearly 20 million streaming songs, playlists, charts and customizable options so that users are never without their tunes. At least, I think so?

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Dan Deacon Makes Cellphones Part Of The Show With Trippy App

Posted August 29

Taking out your phone during a live show is becoming about as common nowadays as some dude spilling beer all down your back — you try to avoid it, but it always ends up happening, oftentimes against your will. One minute you’re gazing at your favorite musician in cross-armed admiration, the next you’re Instagramming the hell out of that same musician, not entirely sure how your phone found its way out of your pocket. Lucky for you, smartphone obsesso, Dan Deacon is here to justify your addiction with a brand-new smartphone app.

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