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Dan Deacon Asks Fans To Create His Light Show For Upcoming Tour

Posted March 4

Electronic musician (and O Music Award nominee) Dan Deacon is taking a giant leap into the crowdsourcing sphere during his upcoming Spring tour, asking fans to help create the accompanying light show.

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Berklee College of Music Puts Music Education In The Palm of Your Hand

Posted October 8

There are a lot of jerks out there with videos showing you how to play guitar. Searching for “guitar lesson” on YouTube turns up more than 1.6 million videos. Some of those are bogus, and some of those belong to the Berklee College of Music, one of America’s leading music universities.

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Get Lightbombed With This Innovative Photobooth

Posted August 15

Our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event is so, so nigh. Which is why we’re excited to share details about another participant today: Lightbomber, an innovative photo app that will be setting up shop in photobooth form under the illustrious DUMBO Arch on Friday.

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Pitchfork Releases New Festival App For iOS

Posted July 12

Last year, the Pitchfork Music Festival released its very first app, created by the people behind image-based scheduling app Diacarta. It was a lovely thing — the aesthetic perfectly inline with the music festival’s mood and (as I said in a previous article) reminiscent of the quirky band posters sold at the event. This year, Pitchfork is out with an update, but it seems as though the only thing that has changed is the lineup.

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Music App of the Day: Rock Out On Your iPhone With GarageBand

Posted November 2

Everyone’s favorite “even my blind grandma can make beats” platform, Apple’s GarageBand, is now available for all iOS devices.

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