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Music Licensing Just Keeps Getting Easier: Rumblefish & Audiosocket Both Drop News

Posted December 6

In the ongoing fight to keep musicians in Top Ramen and guitar strings, both Rumblefish and Audiosocket are out with news today about their licensing platforms. Rumblefish is partnering with music distributor CD Baby to make music from its 250,000 indie artists available to content creators, while Audiosocket is launching its MaaS (music as a service) Storefront.

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Vimeo Makes It Super Easy To Add Music To Your Videos — Legally

Posted September 21

Yeah, aspiring filmmakers could just yoink some tunes from the web to score their work and call it a day, but Vimeo has taken steps to make the whole process much more legal — and rewarding for artists. The video-sharing site recently launched the Vimeo Music Store, which makes it simple for film heads to add licensed tunes to their work.

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