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Try Before You Buy With Bandsintown’s Music-Packed Spotify App

Posted January 31

If you live in a bustling urban center — or what is commonly known as a “city” — you’re likely to be privy to any array of live shows every night. The utter barrage of choices can be wholly overwhelming, causing the average music lover to pick a concert at random, more often than not ending up in a crowded, sweat- and beer-stained room watching a parade of tone deaf openers (read: someone’s cousin) rape the collective eardrums of the assemblage. Now, dear music fans, you can avoid said ear-raping, thanks to a new Spotify app courtesy fo Bandsintown.

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Super Fans & Indie Snobs Actually Have A Lot In Common [STUDY]

Posted August 27

Hey, indie-leaning music snobs — here’s a little bit of a revelation for you: You have a lot more in common with the One Direction/Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber fans that you might have thought. While you may not be going to the same exact shows (unless it’s crossover favorites like Robyn and whatnot), you and that sector of folks we call Super Fans spend pretty much the same number of nights histrionically screaming for your favorite bands/standing in the front row with your arms crossed (respectively).

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