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Meet Best Interactive Music Video Nominee: Tanlines

Posted June 12

The O Music Awards are currently ONE WEEK AWAY, friends. Have you voted for your favorite Interactive Music Video yet? If not, take a moment to consider Tanlines‘ extremely rad video for “Not The Same.”

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Meet “Best Interactive Music Video” Nominee: Yung Jake

Posted June 11

The O Music Awards is creeping ever nearer and we hope to deities that you are all voting your FACES off. Well, take a (quick) break from doing so and get to know one of out nominees, why don’t you? We spoke with Best Interactive Music Video nom Yung Jake (via text!) and found out all about the genesis of his rad video, “!”

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O Music Awards Flashback: Check Out Linkin Park’s Awesome Interactive Video

Posted June 10

Welcome to our Daily O Music Awards Flashback! So here’s the deal, throughout the year, we keep our proverbial finger on the pulse of the music/tech scene, reporting on what we think are the coolest bands/apps/WTF wonders on the Web. And those things that we report on — well, they are often nominated for O Music Awards! Over the next few weeks — leading up to the main event on June 19 — we’ll be revisiting stories that feature O Music Awards nominees. Today, we’re taking a look back at when Linkin Park released their Best Interactive Video-nominated vid for “Lost In The Echo.” Check out our interview with the band’s Mike Shinoda below.

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