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Our Favorite O Music Awards Performances: Kitty

Posted June 24

Last week’s O Music Awards featured 50+ performances by an array of amazing, eclectic bands — from country stars to boy band wonders to punk rock legends-in-the-making. This week, we’re aiming to take you through some of our favorite show-stopping moments. First up: Kitty, the winner of our illustrious Best Web-Born Artist award.

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O Music Awards Flashback: Meet Kitty

Posted June 6

Welcome to our Daily O Music Awards Flashback! So here’s the deal, throughout the year, we keep our proverbial finger on the pulse of the music/tech scene, reporting on what we think are the coolest bands/apps/WTF wonders on the Web. And those things that we report on — well, they are often nominated for O Music Awards! Over the next few weeks — leading up to the main event on June 19 — we’ll be revisiting stories that feature O Music Awards nominees. Today, we’re taking a look back at when we first met Kitty — all the way last summer. Check out our Q&A with the Best Web-Born Artist nominee below.

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Karmin Wins Best Web-Born Artist

Posted June 27

First they got to play at the legendary Sun Studio and now this! Karmin has scored the OMA for “Best Web-Born Artist.” Might we suggest tweeting your gratitude, dudes?

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Miracles Of Modern Science Cover “Call Me Maybe”

Posted June 20

For anyone out there who has been studiously avoiding Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and its many, many covers: It’s time to open your highly discerning ears. O Music Award nominees Miracles of Modern Science are out with a classical cover of the jam that’s worth extracting the wads of cotton for.

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