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Hey Viral Video Stars, You Could Now Be Charting On The Billboard Hot 100

Posted February 21

A much-cited report from Nielsen this past summer revealed that more (64%) teens listen to music via YouTube than via any other source — a statistic that will start making a mainstream impact on an artist’s popularity in light of an announcement from YouTube today: From now on, YouTube views (from official videos to user-generated content) will factor into a song’s popularity on Billboard’s “Hot” charts.

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Spotify’s 11 New Apps: Which Ones Should You Nab?

Posted December 1

On Wednesday, Spotify announced that it will now include a series of third-party apps within its desktop service as part of the newly coined “Spotify Platform.” Eleven of those apps launched yesterday (more will roll out in time) and we downloaded them all, so you don’t have to.

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Billboard’s Katie Morse Is: The Hottest Music NILF

Posted October 25

The votes are in, click-happy friends, and we’re all set to start announcing a passel of O Music Awards winners. First up, we’re bringing the sexy with the reveal of our very own paragon of hotness: Billboard social marketing manager, Katie Morse.

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O Music Award for Best Remix

Posted April 28

If you’ve already got a hit song it shouldn’t take much to mix it up and pump out another good one. Or so you would think. Congrats to Canadian producer Billboard (real name: Mathieu Jomphe) remixed Adam Lambert’s Aftermath all the way to an O Music Award. Well done!

Check out the remix here and see what Billboard did to Adam Lambert!